Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
Bare Basics Revive
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Bare Basics Revive

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All skincare devices rolled into one

Bare Basics Revive is a top-of-the-line skincare device designed to enhance the firmness and tightness of the skin. It offers safe and simple usage on various body areas, including your arms, body, neck, and, especially, your face, for an improved skin appearance.

Revive has four modes and three intensity levels to suit your skin's needs:

  • Clean - Uses ultrasonic cleaning and positive ions to deeply clean your skin.
  • Moisturize - Uses negative ions and electrical pulses to deliver nutrients into the deep layers of your skin.
  • EMS - Provides a gentle electric current to awaken and tighten your skin.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) - Uses multi-stage radio frequency to regenerate collagen and rejuvenate your skin.

What you'll love

bare basics revive is safe and gentle on skin Safe and gentle on skin
bare basics revive is effective on any skin type Effective on any skin type
bare basics revive can be used at the comfort of your home Use at the comfort of your home
bare basics revive can be used on any body part Use on any body part
bare basics revive has 4 modes rolled into 1 device 4 modes in one device
bare basics revive has 3 gear levels per mode 3 gears per mode
bare basics revive supports timing feature Supports timing feature
bare basics revive is rechargeable and easy to carry Rechargeable and easy to carry
bare basics revive has a high build quality High build quality
see results in 12 weeks Results in 12 weeks
bare basics revive has an 18K gold head that's friendlier to the skin 18K Gold head
bare basics revive has 12 months warranty 12 months warranty

Used by over 80,000 Skincare Enthusiasts around the world!

For visible results, make sure to consistently include Bare Basics Revive in your skincare routine for the first 12 weeks.

Far from your typical skincare device

Removes dirt from the deepest pores

Revive’s first mode is Clean. It massages the skin with high-speed vibration to break up dirt from pores, then uses positive ions to export, take away the residual dirt deep in the pores, such as oil, dead skin cells, external pollution, etc.

BBC Revive Clean mode

Better absorption moisture and nutrients

The second mode, Moisturize, relaxes the skin and accelerates blood circulation through pulse frequency vibration massage.

It then uses negative ions to introduce nutrients, allows skin care products to penetrate the surface of the skin more easily, and accelerates the absorption of nutrients in skin care products.

BBC Revive Moisturize mode

Gentle currents for tighter skin

The third mode, EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, effectively stimulates the skin to allow muscle self-exercise to enhance muscle vitality. 

Revive uses gentle, microcurrent impulses to stimulate facial nerves. As the nerves become stimulated, they communicate with the brain, which in turn signals nearby muscle fibers to expand and contract.

Using an EMS device on your face is akin to giving each muscle group a series of gentle exercises. The outcome is a firmer, smoother appearance. Plus, the best part is, it's pain-free and you'll see the results right away.

BBC Revive's EMS mode

Regenerate collagen and reduce your wrinkles

The last mode, RF is a multi-stage radio frequency wave that penetrates directly into the skin, causing the cells and molecules to vibrate and rub together at high speed to generate heat.

Revive sends RF waves down into the deep layers of your skin, warming the dermis and prompting the production of new collagen fibers. As time passes, your facial appearance becomes noticeably firmer and more youthful, with wrinkles appearing less pronounced.

Bare Basics Revive's RF radiofrequency mode

Choose between red light or blue light

Red light is suitable for wrinkles and aging because it promotes collagen regeneration, enhances skin elasticity, and restores skin’s rosiness. 

Blue light is suitable for large pores and acne-prone skin, as it has a repairing effect on sensitive skin without damaging it.

Plus, we made the head gold-plated!

The import head is 18K gold plated, making it skin-friendly. The nature of gold is stable and corrosion-resistant, preventing skin allergies.

Bare Basics Revive has a 18K gold-plated head

Use on any body part

Can be used by anyone, on any body part. See Safety and Precautions in our FAQ section for other warnings.

Works on all skin types

BBC Revive works on all skin types

Easy to use

Use Revive 2-3 times weekly, using each function for about 3 minutes, with at least a 1-day gap between uses.

Individual results may vary, but you should start noticing gradual improvements after using it consistently for 12 weeks. After that, use RF/EMS function every two weeks or as needed.

Attach the cotton pad and pour micellar water or toner onto it. Choose Clean mode. Move the device in circular motions on your face, following the direction of the arrow.
Apply moisturizer or facemask on your face. Choose Moist mode. Proceed by moving the device in circular motions on your face, following the direction indicated by the arrow.
After cleansing your face, apply the EMF/RF moisturizing gel. Choose the EMS mode. Following the direction indicated by the arrow, move the device upwards on your face.
After cleansing your face, apply the EMS/RF moisturizing gel. Choose the RF mode. Following the direction indicated by the arrow, gently lift or press the device on your face, moving from bottom to top.
Please refer to the user manual for more detailed instructions.

What's included?

Everything you need to get started!

  • Bare Basics Revive device
  • Charging Cable for powering the device
  • Charging Base that acts as a fancy stand for your device
  • Cotton Pad Fixing Ring to fix your cotton pad to Revive during clean mode
  • Quick Guide in case you don't want to read the whole manual
  • User manual that contains everything you need to know
  • Warranty card in the user guide, in case of factory defects

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
High performance

This thing doesn't just cost less than my old beauty gadget; it actually works better! Talk about getting more bang for your buck. I'm seriously impressed with how well it performs! 😄

with minimal tingling sensation

This device effectively cleanses and massages, but even at the lowest intensity, it can be somewhat intense.

Must have!

It's been a cool three months since I started using this gadget, and I'm here to spill the beans on my experience.

Cleansing Mode: So, after I've washed my face, this thing is like a dirt magnet. Pro tip: go for a thinner cotton pad, 'cause the chunky ones don't quite fit right. I slap on my everyday toner generously and let this magic wand do its thing for around 5 minutes.

Moist Mode: Next up, it's time to get my sheet mask game on and hit Moist Mode. The key here is to keep it movin' – don't stay in one spot, trust me. Some days, it's like a tingle party, but I figured out it's less comfy when I'm all beat from the day. Sippin' water helps. Always pair it up with a sheet mask for that extra conductivity boost. I'd say 3 minutes is the sweet spot, but word of warning: don't go overboard like I did once, or you might end up with a red face. Remove that sheet mask after a solid 7-8 minutes.

RF Mode: This is where the real magic happens. RF Mode is the bee's knees, but you gotta slap on more gel for the ride. Slow and steady wins the race – it's like a cozy blanket for your skin. I keep it chill at the second strength level. Those radio waves dive deep, leaving you looking all hydrated and fresh. The built-in timer gives you a nudge every 5 minutes, so no worries about losing track. Afterward, just rinse off the gel and wrap up your skincare routine as usual with toner, emulsion, and eye cream.

Results: My skin has leveled up big time. Pores? Smaller. Skin tone? Brighter than my future. Cheek game? Tighter and plumper. As for those pesky eye lines, they're still hanging around, but hey, can't win 'em all, right? Just a heads-up, though – don't OD on your jawline; it might get a bit dry.

Note: I personally gave EMS mode the cold shoulder 'cause it just wasn't my jam.

The device itself? A featherweight champ, easy on the hands, and fits right into my beauty routine. Even though I hopped on this train a tad late, I'm pretty stoked about the results.
Thank you for reading!

it's effective!

Honestly, I thought this thing would only work if it cost a fortune. But, being budget-conscious, I scoured these reviews to find something wallet-friendly, and boy, am I happy I did! I'm all about that EMS feature, and guess what? After just one week of using it, I saw my fine lines and wrinkles saying "ta-ta!" I usually stick to Level 1, and it's like a little miracle worker with that tingling sensation. 😉

Super nice

The switching mode is a real game-changer! It makes using this thing a breeze, and it's turned cleaning into a surprisingly enjoyable ride. 😄