Bare Basics Pro
Bare Basics Pro
Bare Basics Pro
Bare Basics Pro
Bare Basics Pro
Bare Basics Pro
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Bare Basics Pro

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Our most advanced IPL device to date

Bare Basics Pro offers a safe and painless way to get rid of your body hair using advanced IPL laser hair removal technology. The device is safe to use on any body part - whether it be your armpits, arms, legs, face, and even your bikini line. What's more, you can use the device over and over again - no need to buy additional refills.

You get everything Bare Basics Glow offers, plus:

  • Advanced cold compress feature
  • More energy in every flash for better results!

What you'll love

bare basics pro is safe and gentle on skinSafe and gentle on skin
bare basics pro is safe and effectiveSafe and effective
bare basics pro can be used at the comfort of your homeUse at the comfort of your home
bare basics pro can be used on any body partUse on any body part
bare basics pro is suitable for all but the darkest skin tonesSuitable for all but the darkest skin tones
bare basics pro doesn't need refillsNo extra payments or refills needed
bare basics pro has up to 350k flashesUp to 999,999 flashes (approx. forever)
24 months warranty
bare basics pro has cold compress featureCooling effect
bare basics pro has more energyMore energy for better results
bare basics pro has auto modeAuto mode
bare basics pro has an LCD indicatorLCD screen

The Gold Standard of IPL Devices


See results or get your money back

This handset has changed the lives of more than 70,000 people around the world!

To see positive results right from the start, use Bare Basics IPL handset consistently for the first 12 treatments. After that, you should only need to do minor touch ups every half month or so.

If there was absolutely no effect on you after 12 treatments, your hair grew normally wherein you still have to shave every few days, then you can get your money back!

Use on any body part

Can use by anyone, on any body part. Just don't use on eyes, and on dark areas like your tattoo or moles. See Safety and Precautions in our FAQ section for other warnings.

Calm your skin with instant cold compress

Bare Basics Pro adopts an advanced built-in cooling technology that can instantly calm your skin after flashing. The large cooling area can shrink pores, and is perfect for those with more sensitive skin.

Better design for better results

To be able to adopt the dual feature of ice compress and IPL, we had to use more robust material for the body of the device. This allows Bare Basics Pro to handle more heat and energy to support these two features.

In addition, the integrated double filter is designed to avoid light leakage during flashes, increasing focus and effectivity, offering better hair removal results.

Easy to use

  1. Before usage, make sure your skin is shaved, clean and dry (free of any residues such as powder, cream, make-up, etc.).
  2. Wear your shades to protect your eyes from the flashing light. Plug the handset into a power source.
  3. Press and hold the power key for 2 seconds to turn on the device
  4. Start with the gear level comfortable for you. To use, ensure that the Light Window is completely flat against the skin. Press the flash button.
  5. For stubborn areas, you can treat the area with multiple passes (running your handset over the same area up to 3 times in 1 session, but not consecutively without break).

Please refer to the user manual upon purchase for more detailed instructions.

What's included?

Everything you need to get started!

  • Bare Basics Pro device
  • Charger for powering the device
  • Ice Cover to cover the cold compress area of the device
  • Shades to protect your eyes while flashing
  • Shaver to shave your hair before the treatments
  • User guide that contains everything you need to know
  • Warranty card included in the user guide, in case of factory defects
  • Treatment tracker to make sure you don't miss your 12 treatments

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Kamille Rodriguez
So happy!

Sobrang effective nung product! Akala ko wala ng pag asa tong legs ko, nasira ung legs ko because of shaving and waxing. Ngkakaingrown hairs sbrng panget. Ang kakapal ng tubo before and 2 days lang ngsisilabasan na ulit ung hair, makati na makapal sbrng turn off. When i tried barebasic hnd ako bilib mshado kasi prang imposible, pero im on my 4th week now, super effective! Grabe, mabagal na ung tubo ng hair manipis na at dna madami, unti unti n tlga nggng okay. Sobrng worth it! Convenient pa dna need mgpnta sa mga clinic for laser. Thanks!!!! So happy tlga.

Jennika Chua

I waited a while before I left a review because I wanted to know if the product would really work. I can attest that it really does! I started with my armpits. After the first session, there wasn’t much change as expected. This was pointed out by the instructions. But after the 3rd-5th sessions, my armpit hair grew slower and some were even gone!!! I also tried it on my legs, and after just one session, the hair on my legs were growing less and at a lesser pace despite being shaved! I am really amazed!!! I will continue to use this!! Thank you!

2nd week

So far so good.
Looking forward for my next session 🥰🥰🥰

Quennie B.
6th session you can see results!

Wow this product really is amazing and does wonders to my skin. I can barely see any hair on my underarms. Thank you so much, Bare Basics!!

After 4 weeks, notice ko na effect :)

Thank you Bare Basics! So far so good, 5th week ko na ng treatement and kita ko na agad effect :)
Nagslow down yung growth ng hair especially sa arms and legs, makakapag shorts na ko without worry!